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PikesPeak Dona Isabel Pedigree

GP PikesPeak Dona Isabel, F, Tawny spotted, 2007-04-01, Inbreeding = 0,0%
GC RW PikesPeak Silver Lining, Ebony silver spotted, 2006-05-22
GC RW Sunstone Sierra Leone of PikesPeak, Chocolate silver spo, 2004-05-08 GC TGC Sunstone J S Giguere, Chocolate silver spo, 2003-03-10 Auxarcs Jazz Singer of Sunstone, Chocolate spotted, 2001-11-17
GC Sunstone Abracadabra, Chocolate silver spo, 2001-12-27
GC Sunstone Plum Wild, Lavender spotted, 2002-07-03 GC Rockn' Spots Hooligan of Sunstone, Chocolate silver spo, 2000-04-28
Auxarcs Mountain Music of Sunstone, Chocolate spotted, 2000-05-27
CH Chisholm Trl Dotty of PikesPeak DM, Tawny spotted, 2001-07-05 Speckledband's Silverado of Chisholm Trail, Ebony silver spotted CH Late Night Cuban Pete, Lavender silver spot, 1998-03-21
Speckledband Dame Jennie May of Chisholm Trail, Tawny spotted
Chisholm Trail's Ciar Dhu, Ebony smoke CH Ridgemount Passacaglia of Hakuna, Ebony silver spotted, 1997-07-04
Chisholm Trl Thunderasia of Hakuna, Fawn spotted
CH Chisholm Trl Ice-A-Hoppin DM, Chocolate silver spo, 2002-03-26
CH Mr Thunderheart, Cinnamon spotted, 1996-03-09 Reno's Thunder, Chocolate spotted Nightvisions Reno, Chocolate spotted
Deerhaven Wildthing, Fawn spotted
Junglespots Swift Arrow, Tawny spotted CH Ociville Montezuma Of Junglespots, Cinnamon spotted, 1987-04-03
Ociwest Sassy Sally, Tawny spotted
Late Night Four O'Clock Hop, Ebony silver spotted, 1998-05-21 GC Techichimec Koyemsi of Late Night, Chocolate silver spo, 1997-03-30 Desert Winds Lightening Bolt, Cinnamon silver spot, 1993-05-06
GC Techichimec Quillayute, Chocolate spotted, 1994-09-20
CH Late Night With Jezebelle, Tawny spotted, 1995-11-21 Little Boy Mikey, Ebony silver spotted, 1994-02-20
Mellie Boo, Tawny spotted, 1993-10-31