We've included this page of some of the accomodations that we have made, to keep our Ocicats safe, happy and comfortable.  Consider these!...

Ocicats are strong. 

We have heard of Ocicats pushing out of screened windows and getting outside, only to come to harm.  To prevent this, consider cutting vinyl coated wire shelving (found at Home Depot or Lowe's) to size, to fit inside your window frames.  Close the window down onto the top of the shelf to form a strong barrier between the cat and the screen.  In inclement weather, store the window guard in the window sill (no more nose prints on the glass, and a dandy extra security against robbery for your home!)



We always keep our Ocicats indoors or under personal, present supervision if they are out walking on leashes.  Fresh air and sunshine are good for cats; don't deny them!  We have constructed a "sun cage" on the outside of the kitchen window at the cattery, out of (again) the wire shelving.  They are fastened with cable ties, screwed into the window frame with drywall screws, and connected with cable clamps outside.  Shelves are installed and lined with indoor/outdoor carpet.   A pet door for a window screen is available at PetSmart or Pet Co.  It takes an Ocicat approximately 17 minutes (or less!) to figure out how to go in and out.   This enclosure is a delight to all of our Ocis!  You can build a containment cage with these shelves, as well.  This is handy to have in case you have a sick animal that must be separated from others.



Because we keep our Ocicats as indoor cats, they must be given room to romp.  They are strong and active and don't slow down with age.  We've constructed shelves and climbing stations for play in the house - they love it!  Use floor-to-ceiling cat trees (substantially secured to studs - again, these are strong cats and can topple tall things), pre-made wood shelving and strong shelf brackets, screwed into studs. 
You can put shelves up under windows for a lovely sun spot.  We velcro carpet on the shelf because when Ocicats begin to play, they play hard!  They need a surface on which they can grip.